vendredi 15 octobre 2010

(references) Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani
Born in Berlin in 1928, Luigi Colani embarked on his extraordinary career as a designer in Paris in the early 1950s, focusing at first on automobile design.

mardi 5 octobre 2010

Eve Online Contest - BabyShark - v 6.5

Hi all!

Sorry i have a lot of work at home this month and i'm not able to show it.
But, i've have this for you.
I've made it for this contest :

A collaborative design effort from the Sisters of EVE and the CreoDron Corporation, the BabyShark is a Battlecruiser sized vessel designed specifically for exploration, search and rescue, and research expeditions. Advanced sensor arrays and highly specialised photonic computer technology mean that  it can pinpoint gravitational anomalies in the depths of unexplored space in a fraction of the time it takes other ships. Limited offensive capabilities are compensated for in the form of extensive drone bays which allow the BabyShark to carry 4 four full flights of medium drones or two flights of heavy drones.

Gallente Cruiser Skill Bonus: 10% increase in maximum drone range per level
Astrometrics Skill bonus: 5% increase in Scan Probe strength and 2% decrease in maximum Scan Probe deviation per level
Role Bonus: 25% decrease in  Scan Probe scan time, 50% decrease in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirement 
*Combat probes cannot be loaded into a probe launcher fitted to this ship

7 High Slots
5 Medium Slots
4 Low Slots
2 Rig Slots
4 Turret Hardpoints
0 Missile Hardpoints

*Bonuses and Fitting details subject to balance testing"

The first rough/versions :

Thanks Keith Neilson for the text, and Seb for the intensive coaching ;)