jeudi 26 août 2010

hi all!
sorry i was on hollyday in Turky since 14 days :)
here is my new concept.
I've tryed to work with a specific color's chart.
i hope it works.

 see you,

6 commentaires:

Stu a dit…

This is really great. Colors work really well.

baphea a dit…


Lobo7922 a dit…

Awesome, truly awesome, the city in the background, love the perspective it gives.

This make me think of a whale, a magical flying whale encased whithin an armor, like the EVAs from Evangelion.

Leave you that idea there ;)

Unknown a dit…

i'm happy you enjoy with :)
thanks all

Vaughan Ling a dit…

Lovely colors, and really fun design!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will be following you for sure!

rick a dit…

super, c'est du traditionnel ou du tophochoop?